Murumuru drying in a supplier community
Murumuru drying in a supplier community
ICELAND Visit to the Lysi Company during a prospection trip
Iceland: Visit to the Lysi Company during a prospection trip

In 2014, the supplier management team was looking for the best partners in Omega 3.  The objective was not only to have the best quality for the product, but also a broad understanding of the entire value chain, from the fishing to the capsule that reaches the end client.

That is why André Sabará, the Supply Chain Director, went to Iceland in a prospection and business trip. The chosen provider is a pioneer in the exploitation of fish oil for supplements from fishes caught in the Artic Waters, free from heavy metals. This was the first case of a Group’s operation in Strategic Sourcing.

The Group promotes the surveillance of the entire supply chain to meet its own requirements and the market demands, ensuring the value creation. A target for the near future is the further enhancement of this surveillance process, always ensuring the compliance with international standards such as independent audits.

27% of the purchase and contracts budget of all the Group’s operational units is spent on local suppliers, in cities that are located up to 50 kilometers of the unit. [G4-EC9]

Supplier Composition [G4-12]


The group counts on over a hundred suppliers of brazilian biodiversity raw materials, certified organic or not