About the report [G4-18]


This fourth edition of our Sustainability Report complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI/G4) guidelines, according to the option “Core”, including the indicators regarding the material aspects. The upcoming editions of this report will fully meet all the requirements. With this document, the company wants to inform its audiences about its current position and about the major accomplishments in the triennium 2013/2014/2015 in relation to the activities described in the previous report, related to the biennium 2011/2012. [G4-28] [G4-29] [G4-30] [G4-32]

Sementes de Murumuru
Murumuru Seeds

Verification [G4-32] [G4-33]

The Group chose not to submit this report to external verification, but that decision does not follow a specific policy for the topic, and it may be different for the next reports.

Dialogue with Stakeholders and Materiality

A survey conducted with the stakeholders revealed sixteen relevant topics to these different audiences, like community leaders, employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders. [G4-26]

Those are relevant aspects to the following stakeholders: shareholders, banks and insurance companies, companies that are represented by Sabará Group, customers, employees, carriers, suppliers, the community, distributors and representatives, universities, associations and the civil society.

The material aspects reported in the survey refer to the relationship to suppliers, service providers and customers without limitations on the form of the report. Thus, we contemplated partners in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, besides the national Market.


Stakeholder Matrix [G4-24] [G4-25]


Matriz de Materialidade [G4-19] [G4-20] [G4-21] [G4-27]