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People Management

People Management

Sabará Group believes that relations in the work environment must always be ruled by the honesty, respect, contribution and team work.

Providing good relations, contributing to the dedication, competence and performance capability of each employee increases every day, to seek the social promotion of our employees and stimulate the reward by initiative and creativity are what the People Management’s area is commited.

Sabará Group values any aspect that involves the employees’ life – the family, health, financial life, the relations and dreams.

The company offers a package of special benefits contemplating pillars as: DEVELOP, CHALLENGE, RECOGNIZE, REWARD AND CELEBRATE.

Recruitment and Selection

Sabará Group has a team of professionals specialized for the Recruitment and Selection of people in all units, aiming at meeting all the necessities of our internal client. We act with the recruitment and selection for effective vacancies, internships, apprentices and temporary staff. Always searching for highly trained and committed professionals.

Training and Development

Sabará Group trains and develops its internal talents. We count on programs such as: Performance Evaluation, Individual Development Plan (IDP), Leadership Academy and Organizational Climate Survey.

Leadership Academy

Sabará Group believes that people transform organizations, change environments, the society and the world.

For always stimulating the development and valuation of our employees, we create the “LEADERSHIP ACADEMY - Sabará Group” in partnership with Integração Escola de Negócios, a reference in enterprise education.

The program involves the employees in position of leadership of the whole Group, joining creativity, protagonism and teamwork.

The training is presential and approaches topics such as:

• Role of the Leader and Leadership Styles

• Communication

• Interpersonal Relationship and Feedback

• Building High-Performance Teams

• Results Management

• Strategic Planning

With this development project, Sabará Group seeks the consolidation of its leadership style and development of abilities to achieve better performance of its teams.

Professionals with Disabilities

Sabará Group is committed with the inclusion of differences, creating an environment where everyone, regardless of any individual attribute such as nationality, gender, color, disability, age and others can work together and have equality of chances. We respect the differences and include everyone without distinction.

Programa Jovem Aprendiz (‘The Young Apprentice Program’)

Sabará Group offers the opportunity of the first job, because we understand that the development of the young is one of the main factors for the economic and cultural growth of the country. Our young people are hired as permanent workers and write a beautiful trajectory within Sabará, currently we have professionals that initiated as young apprentice and today they have an established career.

On the Interbusiness

Sabará Group counts on the Interbusiness, an institutional and corporate program that aims at the development, valuation and recognition of our professionals, beyond being a form of gratefulness for the commitment and contribution for the results of our company.

The Interbusiness takes place once a year, in partnership with the Florida Christian University, in Orlando, Florida. The definition of the participants is made in partnership with the presidency, board of directors and people management.

Integration Manual

We developed a new Sabará Group’s integration manual, a document that was all redesigned wich provides informations about the company, internal regulations and People Management’ policies in a clear way to all employees.

Programa Conhecendo a Sabará ("Knowing Sabará Program")

This program aims to supply to the drawn employees the chance to know other units and businesses of the company, allowing that employees can integrate to other cultures and regions making them feel recognized and valued by the company.

The draw takes place at the party that happens at the end of the year, being drawn one employee per unit. Sabará Group integrally pays the trip.